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View Record  974.883 C Census records of Greene County, Pennsylvania, vol 3: Cumberland Township 1820-1850-1880. Cornerstone Genealogical Society
View Record  979.775 HC 'A particular friend, Penn's Cove': a history of the settlers, claims and building of central Whidbey Island. [Island County, Washington] Cook, Jimmie Jean
View Record  979.755 HY VF 'Basket' Fort remembered. [Yakima County, Washington] Yakima Herald-Republic
View Record  920.71 F 'Boney' Fuller. Trythall, Anthony
View Record  970.3 HW "I will be meat for my Salish": the buffalo and the Montana Writers Project interviews on the Flathead Indian Reservation. [Lake & Sanders County, Montana] Whealdon, Bon I
View Record  979.7 O "Not made with hands": the centennial history of Grand Lodge Masonry in Washington & Alaska 1858-1958. Harvey, Paul W
View Record  976.8 Gen "Old 23rd District": a genealogical & historical sketch of the people who settled the "Old 23rd District" of Henry Co. Tenn & the northern districts of Benton Co. Tenn, including the Lick Creek community. Robbins, Charles D
View Record  979.771 Gen "Our pioneer ancestors" of the Stillaguamish Valley & of Snohomish County, Washington, vol 1. Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society
View Record  976.8865 HW "Over here" & after: McMinn County, Tennessee, during World War I & the twenties. Wiggins, Genevieve & Bill Akins
View Record  929.2 J "They turned their faces West": a narrative history & genealogy. [Johnson] Slauson, Morda
View Record  920.71 D "Uncle Dan" Drumheller tells thrills of western trails in 1854 Drumheller, Dan
View Record  970.3 M "Where are my Cherokees" Garrett, Sandi
View Record  973.734 WT "With Bowie knives & pistols": Morgan's raid in Indiana. Taylor, David L
View Record  976.788 N Mf (Helena) Weekly World Feb 20, 1901 - Dec 31 1902; The Helena World April 16, 1907 & Oct 6, 1919 & Feb 16, 1920. [Phillips County, Arkansas] The Helena World
View Record  974.4 HB Mf 1. Records of the town of Braintree; 2. Henry Adams of Somersetshire; 3. Epitaph from Burial Hill; 4. Early New England people; 5. History of Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts. [411] Bates, Samuel A
View Record  978.3 BS 10 year index, 1982-1992 South Dakota Genealogical Society. Krueger, Maurice & Florence
View Record  974.7 V 10,000 vital records of central New York 1813-1850. Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  974.7 V DAR 10,000 vital records of eastern New York 1777-1834. Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  974.7 V 10,000 vital records of eastern New York 1777-1834. Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  974.7 V 10,000 vital records of western New York 1809-1850. Bowman, Fred Q
View Record  976.435 HC 100 days in Texas: the Alamo letters. [San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas] Chariton, Wallace O
View Record  974.841 Ch 100 years at Warrington: York County, Pennsylvania, Quakers marriages, removals, births, & deaths : Newberry, Warrington, Menallen, Huntington, and York Meetings. Walmer, Margaret B
View Record  978.622 HS 100 years in Culbertson 1887-1987. [Roosevelt County, Montana] Segars, Lorretta
View Record  979.694 HL 100 years of mining. Luke, Stella
View Record  979.755 HO 100 years, 100 women, 1889-1989: Yakima County, Washington. Mays, Theo et al
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Records: 1 to 25 of 21922