Yakima Valley Genealogical Society


The Yakima Valley Genealogical Society has many activities that need volunteers. Volunteers help keep our society functioning. Please consider helping in one or more ways listed below.
LIBRARY:  There are several jobs that can always use additional help.
Librarians – we can always use regularly scheduled librarians, as well as substitutes. They help keep our library open daily. We have a manual for librarians as well as training to help get you started.
Cataloging new books – We are always receiving book donations, as well as new book purchases that need to be cataloged and shelved.
Book Binding – Magazines and Society Bulletins, as well as rebinding worn out books. We have our own equipment and you can work at the library.
Laminating maps and other papers – We have nineteen map drawers that have many maps and newspaper articles that need to be preserved by laminating them. We have our own machine and you can be given instruction on its use.
Housekeeping – we need volunteers to help keep our library clean.

Yard Sales: We are planning on 2-3 yard sales a year to help with the library expenses. Please donate salable items. Also, consider canvassing your neighborhood yard sales and volunteer to remove all usable leftovers for the next YVGS sale.

SPEAKERS: YVGS receives requests for speakers at local organizations. Volunteer to be available for future requests, or volunteer to seek out potential speaking engagements. Spreading the word about YVGS and genealogy helps bring in new members and keeps our society vital and growing.