Yakima Valley Genealogical Society

New Acquisitions March 2019

025.06 ZK
The genealogist's virtual library: books on the World Wide Web. Kemp. Donation
920 Bio
50 great Americans: their inspiring lives & achievements. Thomas. Rose Robins
920 N
Florence E Nightingale 1820-1910. Woodham-Smith. Opal Myhres
929.1 Syl
Breaking through brick walls: syllabus UGA Conf. Utah Gen Assoc. Donation
929.2 B
Burleson family bulletin,vol 1-26. Burleson Family Assoc.. Roberta Moen
929.2 B
Burleson family bulletin, indexes. Burleson Family Assoc.. Roberta Moen
940.53 W
Life & times of HMS "Orion" "The Island Queen" & "Mother of the Med". WJH. Kathy Sizer
948.1 BN
Norwegian tracks, 1983-2002. Vesterheim Gen. Center. Jean Germaine
948.1 HF
History of Norwegian immigration to the US: to 1848. (1909) Flom. Bette Rogers
948.1 HL
Norwegians in America, some records of the Norwegian emigration to America. Langeland. Bette Rogers
970 HC
The great north trail: Amereica's route of the ages. Cushmman. Donation
970 Tr
Overland to Oregon in 1845: a journey across North America. Warre. Donation
971 HB
The illustrated history of Canada. Brown. Bette Rogers
973.929 DB
USS Boxer membership list by surname. USS Boxer Vet Assoc. Kathy Sizer
973.929 DB
USS Boxer membership list by location. USS Boxer Vet Assoc. Kathy Sizer
974.61 HD
The legend of Dudleytown (CT): solving legends through genealogical & historical research. Dudley. Donation
974.69 At Q
Fairfield County atlas. Hagstrom Map Co. Bette Rogers
974.71 HS
The island at the center of the world: the epic story of Dutch Manhattan & the forgotten colony that shaped America.  Shorto. Donation
974.798 HH
The story of an ancient gateway to the west: Old Fort Niagara. Hulyzen. Kathy Sizer
974.811 HN
Centennial Philadelphia. Nicolai. Donation
974.832 WM
The bloodstained field: a history of the Sugarloaf Massacre September 11, 1780. Moore. Donation
975.221 At Q
ADC's street map Worcester Co, MD. ADC. Donation
975.227 At Q
ADC's street map Dorcester Co, MD. ADC. Donation
975.247 At Q
ADC's street map Charles Co, MD ADC. Donation
975.271 At Q
ADC's street map Baltimore, MD. ADC. Donation
975.5291 Bio
George Washington: pioneer farmer. Fusonie. Donation
975.656 BT
The Trading path, vol 11 with index. Durham-Orange Gen Soc. Faye Painter
977.294 Ma Q
Map of Carroll Co, IN 1863. Skinner & Bennett. Donation
977.5 Ma Q
Wisconsin county maps. Clarkson Map Co. Bette Rogers
977.548 DA
Alma, Wisconsin telephone directory 1983. Tenney Telephone Co. Bette Rogers
977.865 At Q
Pitzman's atlas Saint Louis, MO. (1878) St Louis Gen Soc. Donation
978.6 HH
Dusty memories: historic ghost town buildings of Montana. Heaney. Donation
979 Tr
Down the Santa Fe trail & into Mexico: the diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin 1846-1847. Drumm. Donation
979.356 HZ
Virginia City: a mini-history. Zauner. Donation
979.453 HZ
Sacramento: a mini-history. Zaunr. Kathy Sizer
979.5 HN
Our Native American legacy: Northwest towns with Indian names. Nestor. Donation
979.5 HU
Indians of the Pacific Northwest. Underhill. Donation
979.753 A
Goldendale Timberwolves 2017-2018. Goldendale Middle School. Kathy Sizer
979.755 A
Reveille 1958. Eisenhower High School. Donation
979.755 A
Tieton High School yearbook  1935. Tieton High School.
979.755 Bio
A lifetime of memories.  [Morgan] Zaremba. Roberta Moody
979.755 HA
Hidden histroy of Yakima. Allmendinger. Ellen Allmendinger
979.773 A
Shuksan 1940. Bellingham Sr High School. Karma Suchan
979.777 Tr
Seattle Cityscape #2.  Steinbrueck. Donation