Yakima Valley Genealogical Society

Obituary & Cemetery Index

This database is an index to a mix of newspaper obituaries and cemetery records on 3 x 5 cards, as well as digitally downloaded obituaries from various newspapers. The cards have been scanned. Local cemeteries were canvased by YVGS members prior to 1968 and often contain family information. YVGS began collecting newspaper obituaries and death notices in 1968 and are kept current. We have a random number of obituaries prior to 1968, making copies for our files as we respond to requests. Before about 1920, published obits were rare, or if found, contain little information. Some cards from our collection have gone misssing over the years.
Currently most of the date fields and other information are not available in the database. It has taken a couple of long years and several YVGS members to correct and index the cards by death year only. There will be an ongoing effort to extract missing dates and other informational fields.