Yakima Valley Genealogical Society
(on your family tree)
June 28, 29, 2013
Friday, June 28, 2013 – 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
            Free Hands on Seminar (Class limited to 50)
                        Eric Stroschein Presenter – YVGS Library 1901 South 12th Ave, Union Gap
                                                Open to all levels of genealogical experience.  It will discuss and employ basic
                                                Research  and advanced genealogical techniques.  Participants will work
                                                together and individually to resolve the genealogical issues presented during the
                                                class.  The workshop will employ the use of several published sources and some
                                                online sources.  Although the internet will be used this is not an internet research
                                                class.  All participants are encouraged to bring their own WIFI enabled computer
                                                if they have one.
Friday, June 28, 2013 – 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Hospitality Session – YVGS Library 1901 South 12th Ave, Union Gap
Saturday, June 29, 2013 -  Howard Johnson 9 North 9th Street, Yakima
            Registration  - 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.
            Welcome - 8:30 to 8:35
            First Session: 
Bret Petersen Presenter – 8:35 to 9:35
            Using Newspaper in Research:  You sNEWS you Lose (Beginner –Intermediate)
                        We’ll explore what kinds of things can be found in newspapers to assist in our
family research.  Find out some of the different ways to locate them and the
amazing number of newspaper that are being digitized and becoming available
(25 minutes for Vendors)
            Break Out Session #1 – 10:00 to 10:45
            Room A – Illustrating Family History When You Have No Photos
Presenter:  Connie Lenzen
                                                A picture is worth a thousand words, but we do not always have a photo of our
Ancestor.  If we can not see their image, then we look for images that show their
possessions, where they lived, their surroundings and the physical landscape.  By
 doing this, we can illustrate their life and take them out of the shadows.
                        Room B – 12 Tips and 10 Topics in 45 Minutes
                                                Presenter:  Shirley Penna-Oakes
                                                A list of overlooked sources
Room C – Digging Up New Dirt – Unearthing the “Real” New England Immigrant (Beginner)
                        Presented by Steven W. Morrison
                        Do you believe that the family association knows everything about your New
                        England ancestor?  Well, guess again!  Learn what nuggets you can uncover by
                        using original records.  So, with a well reasoned hypothesis, some surprising
                        facts, and a little historical context you may just discover a secret or two about
                        that elusive ancestor.
Second Session:
Bret Petersen Presenter – 10:55 to 11:55
            Are You My Mother? – Finding the Maiden Name in Your Tree (Beginner)
                        Let’s look at various ways that one might find those elusive maiden names
                        On  your family line.  We will discuss various types of records and research
                        techniques that can give clues in determining more about “missing” mothers.
(20 minutes for Vendors)
            Lunch – Meeting – 12:15 to 1:30
            Break Out Session #2 – 1:35 to 2:20
                        Room A – Family Tradition: The Search For Truth
Presenter:  Connie Lenzen
                                                Family traditions are one of the least reliable genealogical sources, but they may
                                                be the only lead a person has.  Learn how to evaluate family traditions and to
                                                verify them with documentary evidence.
                        Room B – Native American Research in Washington State
                                                Presenter:  Barbara Benge
                        Room C – Pulling It Together – Creative Ways to Capture the Stories Behind the Data
Presenter:  Wendy Warren 
You’ve done the research and gathered the names, dates, and places.  Now it’s
time to tie it all together with simple writing approaches that reveal the stories
 within the facts.  Learn how easily you can find and write engaging, accessible
stories that illuminate the past.
Break Out Session #3 – 2:30 to 3:15
                        Room A – Mama Said
Presenter:  Susan Davis Faulkner
The Shirelles aren’t the only ones that had a story about “Mama Said”.  People
 love talking about their families.  Conversations pertaining to mothers and many
other subjects are available for us to use which can help us learn more about the
history surrounding our families and the communities where they lived.  Let’s
take a walk down Memory’s Lane, and see where we can access these oral
histories which will help us enhance our own family history.
Room B – BROTHERS:  William & Daniel
                                                Presenter:  Shirley Penna-Oakes
                                                Two brothers lost, and found as homeless men
                        Room C – Genealogists:  “Access Denied”
                                                Presenter:  Jerry Hanfield
                                                The evolution of record-keeping methods; the importance of Public Records and
                                                why they need to remain public; the value of the Archives and the duties of the
                                                State Archivist; what can be found in the Archives; examples of document theft
 and misappropriation in our state and nationally; and what Genealogists can do
to support the Archives mission.
(30 minutes for Vendors)
            Third Session:
Bret Petersen Presenter – 3:45 to 4:40
The “Shady” Side of the Family Tree – Prison, Criminal, Asylum Records and More
            (Beginner – Intermediate)
            Come explore the variety of records available for those skeletons in the family
            closet.  Has someone in your family line just simply disappeared in the normal
            records?  Are there some unusual stories that have been passed down?  Do you
            feel like you don’t have the full picture about someone in the family?  These
            records may help clear things up.
            Final Door Prize Etc. – 4:40 to 4:45